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How to find the perfect wedding photographer for you

Mar 12, 2023 | Articles

When you look up “Wedding Photographer” you’re going to get hundreds if not thousands of results ranging from amateur to professional, affordable to luxury, or even regarding the style of the photographer. But how do you know which photographer is the perfect one for you? You should always remember that your photos are not only one of the few things you’ll have after your wedding, but also become more valuable as time passes. This value is important to you and your family and because of this, you want to make sure the person you’re hiring is the perfect fit to capture and preserve something so important!



From the first time you contact them, before you even meet in person, make sure they quickly and professionally reply and address any concerns you have, from budget to timeline to feeling comfortable in front of the camera. No question is too small and they should be SUPER responsive and helpful! It is one of the most important days of your life and it should be treated that way!



It is a fact that you’ll spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day than anyone else! They will be on your side for every small or big issue you may face. So, hiring the perfect wedding photographer means you’re hiring someone that you’d want to hang out and grab a coffee or drinks with. You should consider them a friend, they’re photographing your wedding, which is so personal and important. You should love the person behind that camera and totally vibe with them.



A pretty portrait is always lovely, some nice images of your wedding details are great, but above all, every emotion must be captured. Be sure that lighting is great and that you see many photos from inside the church and a lot of reception photos. These parts of a wedding day are the parts people tend to leave off their websites due to tricky lighting conditions and lack of lighting experience, so be sure you get to see and love those parts as well!



They’re preserving some of your best memories and should guide you to make choices (getting ready tips, family photo times, portrait locations, the package you need that will fit your day the best, etc.) that will make those memories the best they can be. As a result, you must trust them to the fullest and listen to this guidance in order for you to achieve together, the best possible result!



Make sure you ask how they plan out a wedding day in terms of time mapping. Ask them for sample timelines of how your day might look with them as your photographer. Portraits should not take a full hour of your day (unless you want them to). It is your wedding day! Of course, it is important and you should absolutely have some time alone, but you also should have lots of time with your friends and family! A skilled photographer should be able to capture amazing, emotional portraits in about 20 minutes allowing you to enjoy more moments at your wedding!



Make sure you get the details on who and how they use as their second photographers. Are they interns? Professionals? Or just assistants?  How much experience do they have and how much can you trust and count on them? After all they are also a part of the team and they will be with you from the first, up to the last moment. You should feel the same trust, safety and vibe with them too.



When you’re deciding on a wedding photographer, try to negotiate an engagement session into your package that you can do before the wedding. Even if you and your significant other aren’t “picture people” or you’ve already done some sort of engagement photoshoot, it’s important that you work with your wedding photographer before the big day. This will allow you to work out any kinks with your wedding photographer when it comes to your preferred style, allows them her to work out what posing and angles work best for you and your partner, and helps you get acquainted so you’re not working with a stranger on your wedding day. The more face to face interaction you have with your photographer, the better connection you’ll have when it comes to the wedding day, ensuring they can put you at ease, bring you out of your shell, and capture you in the best possible way.



Consider if you want your photos to be delivered in 3 or 4 months or just a couples of weeks. Loving someone’s work is great, loving them is even better, but waiting months and months for the photos from your most important day is no fun at all. You’ll be so excited and sharing those moments with friends and family ASAP is super important!


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To sum up experienced photographers should have the following attributes:
  • A lengthy portfolio of work for you to see.
  • Their work will be consistent. VERY consistent!
  • They should be experts at timing and planning.
  • Have experience handling any lighting situation and making it look amazing!
  • Knowing how to deal with a rainy day and always having a plan-b.
  • Being responsive and helpful through the entire planning and wedding process.
  • Offer advice that will make your day flow well and ensure the best light and locations for all parts of your day.
  • Have a professional and respectful demeanor with all other vendors who are part of your wedding.


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