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Stella + Xristos

You are gonna love Stella and Xristos!!!

Huge smiles and a ton of joyful tears… My favorite part of photographing a wedding is capturing the emotions and in this specific wedding, emotion was overflowing!!! You could just see and feel how true and unique all the smiles were. Stella and Xristos are truly in love, and you could feel that in the air! They managed to make the perfect connection by also connecting two cultures. Everyone in this wedding had the time of their lives and no one wanted the day to end (including me of course). We worked together perfectly through the whole day, starting from the bride and the groom getting ready at their homes with their friends and family, from where I couldn’t choose which photograph I liked the most!!! The last part of their amazing wedding was a majestic after-wedding photoshoot in Tinos island where we combined the photoshoot with some mini vacation…Enjoy!!!



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